Personal Branding for Functional Medicine Doctors

What is a functional medicine clinic? Essentially, it is the practice of medicine which is non-invasive, using an eclectic variety of medical practices. Basically, its practitioners carry the mantle of conventional medicine by ordering countless reams of non-specific laboratory tests and whose interpretation is never entirely clear, in order to cure the root cause of illness. True, functional medicine also includes some fairly banal, standard-essential advice (exercise, weight control, healthy diets, adequate sleep) - but then again, so does complementary and alternative medicine. The difference is that complementary medicine seeks out the underlying causes of illness, while traditional medical practices to look for symptoms.

In terms of treatments offered by a functional medicine clinic, there are virtually no limits. The primary treatments offered include dietary supplements (especially if the patient is deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral), immune system stimulation (usually through immuno-stimulants such as interferon gamma, interlecithiasis, or vaccines), stress management techniques, and lifestyle changes (such as quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, or avoiding environmental toxins). In rare instances, such as with ITP (integrative therapy), patients are treated on an individual basis depending on the severity of their illness. For example, a pregnant woman undergoing IVF may be counseled to increase her vitamin and calcium intake, while a patient with Crohn's Disease would be counseled to limit gluten consumption. Whatever the case, lifestyle changes will most often be part of any treatment plan. Choose the functional medicine doctor London for quality services.

The primary difference between a functional medicine clinic and an integrative clinic, then, lies in the specific modalities used. In the former, doctors deal primarily with diagnosis and treatment, apart from any form of alternative medicine. They are not equipped, however, with the extensive range of complementary approaches that are part and parcel of an integrative clinic. While the primary focus of the doctors is disease prevention and symptom management, the latter integrates a variety of modalities including chiropractic, naturopathy, nutrition, physical therapy, osteopathy, and meditation to help patients find more effective ways of coping with chronic health conditions and managing their lives.

One of the most common ailments treated at a functional medicine clinic is chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This syndrome results from the inability of the body to adequately respond to injury, stress, or disease. The syndrome is characterized by multiple symptoms such as severe pain, anemia, fever, and cognitive impairment. A doctor who specializes in CFS diagnoses it using a physical examination, blood tests, and diagnostic studies including magnetic resonance imaging.

Beyond using professional branding to differentiate themselves from others, functional medicine doctors also use personal branding to connect with their patients. For example, many functional medicine doctors opt to create a blog where they openly discuss their philosophies and practices. The blog can be related to a specific health issue or can simply be a general reflection of their personality. In addition, functional medicine doctors may choose to have a photo inserted into a blog or T-shirt, thereby making it easier for patients to remember them. Get more information about this topic here:

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